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ESD Protected RS-232 Rear-I/O Module
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CU8-RS232 - Rear-I/O Module
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Rear I/O Module

RS-232 with ESD Protection

The CU8-RS232 is a rear-I/O PHY module for CompactPCI® systems, to be used e.g. in combination with the serial interface card CU4-SOPRANO. The CU8-RS232 is provided with an EIA-232E data transceiver for EMI sensitive applications.

The 9-position male D-Sub connector is wired as a PC COM Port. Data transfer rates up to 230kbps are allowed. The module has been designed for operation in harsh electrical environments - EMI immunity includes ESD protection in excess of 15kV.

CU8-RS232 Interface Module


The CU8-RS232 module is intended for use especially with the serial interface board CU4-SOPRANO. This CompactPCI® card has its TTL level serial ports routed to the backplane connector J2, for rear I/O by additional PHY (physical layer) modules.

Mounted onto the CPCI backplane from behind, the additional distribution board CU9-BASE for up to 16 ports is equipped with metric 2mm pin headers, mating the flat ribbon cable assemblies to the particular PHY modules such as the CU8-RS232.


Technical Feature Summary CU8-RS232
Form Factor Rear-I/O Module (60x31mm2)
Function PHY Transceiver RS-232E (EIA-232E, CCITT V.28)
Chip ADM211E
RS-232 Connector PC compatible, connector D-Sub 9-pos. male
Data Transfer Rate 230kbps
ESD/EMI Protection ±15kV (Human Body Model MIL-STD-883B)
±8kV (Contact Discharge IEC1000-4-2)
±15kV (Air-Gap Discharge IEC1000-4-2)
±2kV Fast Transient Burst Immunity (EFT IEC1000-4-4)
10V/m EMI Immunity (IEC1000-4-3)
Short Circuit Protection Current limited to ±20mA typ. per signal channel
Power Requirements +5V 0.1A max.
Operating temperature -40..+85°C
Relative humidity 5-90%, non-condensing
Specifications are subject to change without further notice

CU9-4-BASE Rear I/O Module

CU9-4-BASE Rear I/O Module
Ordering Information
Ordering Number Short Description
CU8-1-RS232 RS-232E Rear I/O interface module, 1 port, 230kbps
CU4-2-SOPRANO CompactPCI® quad serial interface, suitable for rear I/O across J2
CU9-4-BASE Transition board, interconnection between CU4-SOPRANO (J2) and rear I/O PHY interface modules, 4 ports, 3U/8HP back panel included
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